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The Witch's Promise

Kindle Edition: $1.26/£0.99

"Centered around compelling characters in a vicious world filled with hatred and fear that is sadly comparable to parts of the modern world, The Witch’s Promise by John Dodds gives hope that there can be a rich reward to being different, and having vision doesn’t always have to be literal." - from the Amazing Stories Magazine review


Caitlin is woman ostracised by her village because they believe her to be a witch. When her blind son disappears one day, she believes he has been abducted and goes on a perilous journey, crossing the boundaries between this world and the land of faerie, encountering dangers and both real and supernatural. Aided by her former familiar, the malevolent wood sprite, Straif, and an old lover, she comes to learn a shocking truth that she could never have imagined.


Babylon Slide

The Kendrick Chronicles: 3
AUDIOBOOK. Narrated by John Lee

What if killing your demons isn’t enough to save your soul? What if you also need to kill your friends?


A sniper assassination in the center of Glasgow, a ritualistic killing in the city’s subway system, and ancient Persian symbols stitched beneath the skin of the victims trigger a complex police investigation headed by Detective Inspector Tom Kendrick.

 As if the strange murders are not enough, Kendrick and his team are also investigating the multiple rape of a teenage girl, in which the suspects prove nigh impossible to convict.


In a return to the relationship from the second novel in the Kendrick Chronicles, Kali’s Kiss, Kendrick once again enlists the aid of forensic anthropologist Elizabeth Bell to try to unravel the mysteries of the ritualistic killings involving Sumerian and Persian mythology.This third novel in the Kendrick Chronicles not only reveals more about the detective than ever before but peels back the skin of Scotland’s second city to reveal even deeper depths of depravity and evil with two cases that stretch the boundaries between this world and the next.




One of the most promising new writers I have read for some time. I highly recommend his work.
Michael Moorcock
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